Three Reasons to Love Soup

soupsSoup is my absolute favorite type of food and it should be yours, too! Every cuisine in the world features unique soups that meld the flavors, ingredients, and nutritive philosophy of the particular culture–there is a near infinite number of soups to taste and to learn to cook. In case you need more convincing, here are three reasons to love making your own soup!

1. Soup is budget-friendly

Whether one has the shoestrings budget of a college student or regularly frequents three star restaurants, there are many soups that are a perfect fit for one’s budget. A week’s worth of simple bean and vegetable soup can be made for mere cents per meal and it will still taste absolutely incredible. Adding more midrange ingredients like meat, seafood, heavy cream, and cheese adds even more flavor while still being fairly affordable. High-quality ingredients or luxurious items like saffron and truffles can take an already delicious soup to the next level.

2. Soup is versatile

In the United States, many people generally think of soup as a warm, savory meal perfect for cozying up with during the colder months. But many cultures eat soup year-round, both hot and cold. Two delicious and easy cold soups for the summertime are gazpacho and naengmyeon, Korean noodle soup in chilled broth topped with thinly sliced vegetables and kimchi. Vietnamese pho and samgyetang, Korean ginseng chicken soup, are both eaten piping hot even during the warmest months of the year. Eastern European cuisines have fruit soups, like Polish zupa owocowa, which is made from fruits like strawberries, rhubarb, or blueberries and served hot or cold throughout the year.

mul-naengmyeon, Korean chilled noodle soup

3. Soup is easy

Though there are always some exceptions, most soups follow a basic formula to transform prepped ingredients into the perfect bowl: aromatics, meat (if using), hardy vegetables, seasonings, broth, quick-cooking ingredients (e.g. rice or other grains, soft vegetables like green peas, or creams). Following this basic outline allows even the most novice cook to successfully make simple, delicious soups with ease. It also opens the door for experimentation once comfortable!

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