Ten Excellent Soup Restaurants

New York City is home to hundreds of incredible restaurants and chefs–though they may specialize in all sorts of dishes, my favorite dish to try is soup. In this post, I’ll share ten restaurants in New York City that serve delicious soup.

  1. Dunhuang Lanzhou Beef Noodle
    • Flushing, Queens is renowned for its plethora of cultures and ethnicities and has so many incredible restaurants and food stalls–Dunhuang Lanzhou Beef Noodle is one of my personal favorites.
  2. Ginger and Lemongrass
    • This is a Vietnamese soup place on the Lower East Side, excellent spicy lemongrass soup.
  3. Frank’s Soup Bowl
    • This place has a great mix of Caribbean and American food with lots of soup. It’s in the East Bronx, but definitely worth the subway ride.
  4. Edy’s Grocer
    • Though Greenpoint is best known for its Polish food, Edy’s Grocer has some really incredible Lebanese options.
  5. Luanne’s Wild Ginger
    • The boundary between Prospect Heights and Crown Heights does not have a remarkable selection of soup but Luanne’s Wild Ginger stands out as one of the best spots in the area. Truly cannot go wrong at this place.
  6. Yun Nan Flavour Garden
    • Sunset Park is a lot closer to home than Flushing and has a lot more options than the iconic Manhattan Chinatown. Yun Nan Flavor Garden specializes in noodle soups–perfect for a steaming bowl after a walk in Greenwood Cemetery
  7. Woorijip
    • Koreatown in Manhattan is not really the best place to get Korean food in NYC–again, Flushing really wins out here–but it is a lot more convenient and Woorijip is pretty inexpensive and has all of the essential dishes and foods. The soups are inexpensive and taste just like the cafeterias in Busan
  8. The Original Soup Kitchen
    • Get a bowl of soup to eat in Central Park in this Midtown soup restaurant. Soup for any kind of need, perfect for every single day.
  9. Soup Kiosk
    • Just a little stall in Nolita by the Broadway-Lafayette subway stop, but absolutely delicious soup!
  10. Papaye
    • West African cuisine near Fordham University in the Bronx, excellent food and soup

This is by no means an exhaustive list! It’s just a starting point to explore the city and all of the amazing food it has to offer. Think of a cuisine that sounds good, look up which neighborhood(s) in New York City are known for it, and go wander around until you find a promising restaurant–and make sure to order the soup, it’s always the best!

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