Best International Markets in NYC

It’s easy enough to make many types of soup using just ingredients bought at your local grocery store, but if you want to try soup recipes from all over the world it might be a good idea to look into visiting a grocery store or market that services the same culture as your recipe. You’ll be more likely to find cuisine-specific ingredients and you’ll probably come across other new-to-you foods that you want to try! In New York City, there are so many incredible grocery stores and markets for international grocery shopping–here’s five of my favorites!

  1. Brighton Bazaar, Brighton Beach
    • This store competes primarily with the NetCost Market but in my opinion it has a better selection of fresh and frozen ingredients necessary for Russian and Uzbek recipes at a lower price. This market is especially good for fresh or frozen fish and seafood. While in Brighton Beach, make sure to check out the small fruit markets lining the main road–they have the lowest price in the city for very good quality fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs.
  2. Goowha Market, Flushing
    • H-Mart is very accessible with at least a dozen locations across the city, but when I have time to go to Flushing I prefer to shop at Goowha Market. They have good sales and lots of options for each type of product whereas H-Mart can be very expensive and doesn’t have very much variety. You can find all of your favorite Korean snack foods (along with items from several other countries) and this store has a large selection of the spices and seasonings that distinguish Korean food from other cuisines.
  3. Labay Market, Crown Heights
    • This is my go-to place to get staples for Caribbean cooking. They have very low prices for staples like saltfish and scotch bonnet peppers. The meat section also has a large variety of cuts with lots of tails, ears, and bones, including gelatin-filled knuckles and feet bones perfect for making bone broth. Plus, the produce section is surprisingly good quality for the low price.
  4. Twin Filipino Grocery Store, Astoria
    • Though Astoria is maybe best known for its Greek population, I like to visit a little family-owned shop for Filipino ingredients and snacks. They have a small selection of homemade prepared Filipino dishes that make for one of the best-tasting meals you could have in the city. The key ingredient that I buy here is achiote powder.
  5. Sahadi’s, Brooklyn Heights
    • Though this store is a little outside of my price range for any significant shopping, I like to stop by when I’m in the area to get Lebanese ingredients and snacks. They have both packaged and fresh grocery as well as prepared food. There is a second location in Greenwood Heights.


  1. This is a great guide to save time while searching for specific ingredients to satisfy cravings from one’s Homeland or sample a new cuisine!

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