Soup as Medicine

We all have heard that we should eat chicken soup when we’re feeling sick, but why did chicken soup become the go-to cliché in the first place? Though it won’t necessarily cure every ailment, chicken soup typically has several highly nutritious elements that give your body the help it needs to boost your immune system.… Continue reading Soup as Medicine

Ten Excellent Soup Restaurants

New York City is home to hundreds of incredible restaurants and chefs–though they may specialize in all sorts of dishes, my favorite dish to try is soup. In this post, I’ll share ten restaurants in New York City that serve delicious soup. Dunhuang Lanzhou Beef Noodle Flushing, Queens is renowned for its plethora of cultures… Continue reading Ten Excellent Soup Restaurants

Three Reasons to Love Soup

Soup is my absolute favorite type of food and it should be yours, too! Every cuisine in the world features unique soups that meld the flavors, ingredients, and nutritive philosophy of the particular culture–there is a near infinite number of soups to taste and to learn to cook. In case you need more convincing, here… Continue reading Three Reasons to Love Soup